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This site is a temporal and public private page of TEI Guideline P5 (v.1.0) Japanese translation. After being completed, the contents will officially appear on this site. We would like to adopt what would be considered an old-fashioned but respectable rule to this site; that is, you can read and enjoy the contents on this site, but you are not permitted to use them for individual interests, or to inform other people of this site. If you are unfamiliar with this rule, please consult experts on computer science or telecommunication. Therefore, please note that you cannot use this site as an item in any form of reference.

An explanation of a background and history of this project and details about translators of the Japanese version will be described on this page in the near future. We are busy translating.

Translators of each chapter are as follows.

  1. Releases of the TEI Guidelines
  2. Dedication
  3. Preface and Acknowledgments (Kazushi Ohya)
  4. About These Guidelines (Kazushi Ohya)
  5. A Gentle Introduction to XML (Kazushi Ohya)
  6. Languages and Character Sets (Kuninori Matsuda)
  1. The TEI Infrastructure (Kazushi Ohya)
  2. The TEI Header (Kazushi Ohya)
  3. Elements Available in All TEI Documents (Kazushi Ohya)
  4. Default Text Structure (Kazushi Ohya)
  5. Representation of Non-standard Characters and Glyphs(Kiyonori Nagasaki)
  6. Verse
  7. Performance Texts
  8. Transcriptions of Speech
  9. Dictionaries
  10. Manuscript Description
  11. Representation of Primary Sources
  12. Critical Apparatus
  13. Names, Dates, People, and Places
  14. Tables, Formulae, and Graphics (Kazushi Ohya)
  15. Language Corpora
  16. Linking, Segmentation, and Alignment (Kazushi Ohya)
  17. Simple Analytic Mechanisms (Kazushi Ohya)
  18. Feature Structures (Kazushi Ohya)
  19. Graphs, Networks, and Trees (Kazushi Ohya)
  20. Non-hierarchical Structures (Kazushi Ohya)
  21. Certainty and Responsibility (Kazushi Ohya)
  22. Documentation Elements
  23. Using the TEI
All content in Back Matter is translated by Kazushi Ohya, who is an editor for all the translations.

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